Hydro Excavating


Hydro Excavating

What is Hydro-excavating? With Hydro-excavating we use our specialized hydro excavating vehicles, we apply highly pressurized water at the desired excavation point. The resultant water/soil mixture is immediately vacuumed up into our high capacity tank.


The process is repeated until we have achieved the required width and depth.


Hydro-excavation is a non-destructive excavation method, which uses pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig. This allows us to make a visual observation of existing underground utilities so that they can be avoided when excavating.


Hydro-excavation enhances the operation of equipment such as augers, excavators, horizontal directional drilling rigs, etc.


Conventional methods of digging holes require shovels, bobcats, backhoes, and bulldozers. All risk damage to hidden services such as sewage pipes, optic and electric cables, water mains and gas pipes.


How many times have unexpected underground utilities or private lines caused delays during the construction phase of a project? To help prevent change orders, underground utility damage, surprise main sizes and owner/customer shutdowns, call Rapid Flush to help locate those utilities.


Rapid Flush’s hydro-excavation system virtually eliminates the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructures such as expensive fiber optic cables, electric cables, water pipes, sanitary pipes and dangerous gas lines. Rapid Flush can perform safe, non-destructive digging for contractors, municipalities, utility companies and industrial facilities. Some of the advantages of Hydro Excavation:

What It Does

  • Utility Poles
  • Sign Post
  • Anchors
  • Reduced Delays
  • Underground Line Exposing
  • Concrete Forms
  • Vacuum Locating
  • Curb Stop Repair
  • Anode Installation
  • Vault Cleaning
  • Reduces Injuries
  • Pilling Holes
  • Pot Holing
  • Eliminates Damages
  • Subserface Utility Engineering
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