Sewer and Drain Services


Sewer and Drain Services Drain Cleaning :

Our Drain Cleaning technicians arc top-notch in the plumbing industry. Possessing expert plumbing skills and knowledge, they are properly trained to handle any technical situation, whether it is clay or night, weekend or holiday.


Excavation and Installation


‘We specialize in residential anti-light commercial installations; we also specialize in repairs of septic tanks, sewer lines, leach fields and components, mound systems, drainage systems, municipal sewer laterals, pipe repair under concrete slabs, sewage pump stations and force mains, etc. ‘We will complete the job quickly with little or no interruption of service anti restores your site to your satisfaction.

Drain Cleaning

Our Drain Cleaning technicians arc top-notch in the plumbing industry. Possessing expert plumbing skills anti-knowledge they are properly trained to handle any technical situation whether it is day or night, weekend or holiday.

Drain cleaning anti-auguring machines are as important today as the day we bought our first one. The Auger machine is essential for handling basic sewer, drain, anti-pipe problems. They operate by inserting a rotating cable with an attached blade through your pipe. The blade spins and dislodges the build-up due to grease, rags, soap, tree roots and other foreign particles. The models we use operate virtually noise free and have a varied distance range depending on the model. All of our service technicians are professionally trained to handle any kind of drain cleaning solution.

Sump Pump and Injector & Pump Station

If you have already lived through the dreaded experience of a flooded basement or even overflowing drains, then you know how much damage it can cause, Even one inch of water can take many hours to clean up and causes thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and carpets. Installing a sump pump in your basement is your best defense to prevent flooding. 1-866-We-Flush can have a service man at your residence to install a new sump pump within 45 minutes of your call.

Sewer Cameras:

Sewer Cameras are essential in finding certain kinds of blockages in your plumbing and drain pipes inside and outside your home. Tree roots in sewer lines and broken are two of the most common pipe problems. Tree root enters sewer pipes through small cracks in the joints between individual pieces of pipe. Our sewer cameras specialists are expertly trained to use these sophisticated sewer cameras and monitors. By I king at a video monitor, our cameras operators can pinpoint the exact location inside or outside the dwelling where the roots arc entering the pipe.

Electronic Sewer Locating:

Sewer locating equipment proves to be an invaluable tool when used in conjunction with the sewer jet or camera. If you are having a problem with your sewer line, Rapid Flush can locate precisely where the problem is. This allows us to know exactly where to dig and begin repairs. If your problem exists under the sidewalk, floor, or driveway, this can be one of the best methods to minimize your total repair costs.

Hydro Jetting:

Hydro jetting, also known as water jetting, is the process of using high and ultra-high pressure water clean, clean, and unclog plumbing pipes, drain lines, sewer lines, and septic systems. These obstructions hinder the flow of sewage to the entire septic field. Water pressure from 5,000 PSI to 35,000 PSI is usually recommended to blast away the clog or clean the pipes to the best possible standard. The technique of hydro jetting has been used in practically every industry where cleaning and unclogging specific areas are required. Hydro jetting is used as an inexpensive alternative to repairing a failing septic system.

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